Welcome to LobosStyle Products!

Hello. I am currently taking a bit of a hiatus from making anything right now and plan on getting back into the  fold as soon as possible. Please feel free to continue to follow me on Facebook or Instagram as those will be the avenues in which I do the majority of my notifications.  Thanks you.

Please feel free to browse the site and enjoy what we have to offer.  

Custom knives on this site are made at the whim and passion of the owner/artist.

If you are interested in purchasing an item, please refer to the The Market Place section.  Or if you would like something custom to YOU, contact me and we can discuss the options.

Everything you see here is hand crafted from as much raw materials as possible to provid
e a top quality product. Some items are even "up-cycled" in efforts to support Green Production and help our environment.

Each and every piece is designed and crafted differently so every item you purchase will be unique in it's own way. No two pieces or sets are exactly alike. This is the advantage of working with the artist themselves.

If you want to see examples of past work, the Photo Gallery has a great variety.

Looking for up-to-date information on LobosStyle Blades?

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