Kari Sarmiento - CFO / Artist

If you had told me ten years ago that I would have had an interest in making knives, I probably would have laughed at you and told you that you were crazy.  Knives? Me? I'm a girly girl.  What would I need a knife for?  Oh wait, let's see, I use knives for more than I realize, I'm just usually borrowing someone else's. 
On the other hand, I have always had a very creative nature and love to make beautiful things using my hands. I have a passion for reusing products to make something else useful and beautiful.  Upcycling I believe is what they call it.  On top of that, I'm a DIY'er and proud of it.  I'd much rather do it myself than buy it or have it made.  Just ask my kids.  I take a lot of pride in knowing that I've created or done something for myself.  Anything from sewing different pieces of used clothing together to make another article of clothing to woodworking, leather working, painting, sewing, resin, canvas, to patching drywall.  Building a table and bench from wood I've learned to slightly burn to bring out the grain and texture in it. Converting a bookshelf, a piece of particle board and some resin and transform it into a desk and shelves for my daughter, creative baking, to teaching myself a new computer program just to name a few.  Oh wait, and I've even started to entertain the idea of some electrical work.  Maybe?!  I like learning new things and creating.  Do you blame me?
I’ve been Lobostyle Blades’ Quality Control since it started in 2012.  My keen eye looks for defects, inaccuracies, bumps and scrapes.  Oh, wait that is just Steve with the bumps and scrapes.  Seriously though, I have an eye for the small details, defects, and inaccuracies and make sure they are taken care of before the knife is delivered to the customer.  Steve will also consult with me on many ideas for design, color schemes, textures, etc. until he’s happy with the final product.  I've always had a love for numbers and finances as well.  They come naturally to me, and I have a passion for it.  So I perform all the bookkeeping and tax preparation for the company and still enjoy keeping it all organized and running smoothly to date. 
One day I was discussing camping and fishing with Steve, and the conversation got me thinking.  There are many times where I've needed a knife for something, and it would be beneficial to have my own personal knife.  I was thinking that I didn't need anything big as I don't plan on butchering or hacking anything apart, but having something small and sharp would sure come in handy.  There was a discussion of neck knives, and it perked my interest.  Well as I said before I'm a girly girl, and I don't want a plain ole knife hanging from a paracord rope around my neck.  I like my jewelry.  It is one of my mottos that you can take any outfit and make it unique and classy with the right jewelry.  So the thought of combining the two intrigued me. 
I did what I always do and started researching the idea.  I was finding neck knives but nothing that I was envisioning.  I ran my idea past Steve and told him what I was imagining.  He was intrigued as well and started working with me to comprise a neck knife that also looked like a piece of jewelry.  I do that to him a lot.  I come up with these unique ideas, paint him a picture of what I have envisioned and know he’ll be able to make it functional.  He always comes through. Must be all my years of project management and delegating because this comes so quickly to me to get the job done.  Ok, I’ll confess that it’s my faith in Steve’s incredible talent, ability to think outside the box and just plain determination to figure it out and “get it done.” After a few trial and errors, we finished our first sample product, and it received such an enthusiastic following that I was excited, and it gave me the courage to design more. Eventually, with Steve's keen eye, knife making abilities and my determination to get what I want, I designed the knife that we now call "The Kutie".  I create the idea, Steve molds out the knife that I’m envisioning and I create the sheath and jewelry, combine for the final product. It's cute, functional and looks like a piece of jewelry, one that I am proud to call my design. 
I am looking forward to what the future holds for this company and how far we can take it. Every day brings new ideas and possibilities.