Carving Sets

These Carving Sets were originally a custom order for a friend that wanted something "classy" to show off while he prepared holiday meals.  The first set was all cut from steel by hand.  Now they are waterjet cut from my original design in order to save time and money. All the shaping is still done by hand and with shop tools.  This is the only set/pieces that I make that come with a custom storage box. They are truly a beautiful set with acrylic handles that appear to have translucence when seen in the sun. Luckily, the acrylic, also called "Inlaced Acrylester" comes in a wide variety of colors and mixtures of colors.

Standard Blade Statistics:
Steel:  440c Stainless Stell
           Knife - 1/8" thick with a 9" cutting edge. Overall 14" 
                      Flat ground from edge to spine. Professionally heat treated to 57-59hrc
           Fork - 3/16" thick and hand shaped
Handle: Inlaced Acrylester in varying colors. Other options are also available in woods or antlers as well.
            Bolsters - Stainless steel, Brass, or Nickel Silver.  Copper may be available in time.

Accents: So far I've only made a few sets but Onyx stone with a gold web is beautiful in these.  Other stones are available and even other colors of acrylics make nice accents.  There is no limit in this and anything may end up being used to complete the beauty in the set.