File Knives

File knives are some of my more popular pieces because of the left over texture from the file itself that I leave on the flat of the blade.  File knives have been a popular knife made by makers because of the quality steel used in the files and rasps, they hold a great and long lasting edge. I've integrated a number of different techniques in them and will continue to experiment as time permits. 

These knives can have nostalgic and sentimental meaning coming from the history and use the the original files. 

Steel: Files and Rasp made from high carbon steel
         Heat treated and annealed via time honored techniques
         Generally hollow ground. Optional flat grind at request.
         Filework is option and will vary upon request and design of the piece.

Handle - There are no limits with these pieces and handle material and design can come from any source and design.

Sheaths - Generally leather with or without stamping and dyed/sewn.
                Kydex sheaths are optional and great for a tactical design.

Here's a few photos of various pieces: