The JICKO is a custom design worked out to be an all around survival piece with options  to make it a versatile hunter or camping knife or a formidable fighter. It offers customization options in the design of the blade that many other blades do not.  That is the great thing about this knife, it's an all around awesome blade design in ergonomics and long life....and that is all before you get to the amazing steel it is made out of.

Standard Blade Statistics:
Steel - CPM-3v  -  11" overall 5.5" Cutting Edge
           Professionally heat treated to 60hrc
           Generally hollow ground. Optional flat or saber grind at request.
           Filework is optional and will vary to add to the design of the overall knife.

Handle - Bolsters (metal part up front before the blade) - Brass, Stainless Steel, Nickel Silver, or any other material.
              Handle materials range in everything from synthetics like kirinite or micarta or high impact acrylic to natural materials like woods, antlers or bones.

Accents - Accents are the additional parts in the handle that add a little more style or design

Sheaths - Generally leather with or without stamping and dyed/sewn.  
                Kydex sheaths are optional at request

Here's a few photos of various Companions.