Other Customs

As an artist, I'm not just a knifemaker...not just a sheath maker.  There are a number of other things I get to do.  Here are a few examples of the pieces.

A friend had given me a beautiful piece of zebra wood that was a scrap from the bartop they installed in their kitchen.  In return I chose to give her a chef's knife using that wood with an inlay of her daycare emblem on the handle.  The blade was a premade piece I purchased.  I reground the sides to a flat grind from the shallow/short hollow grind that was quite ugly and not functional.

This next piece is a handle that was replaced on an existing knife.  I removed the existing handle that the inlay was messed up on.  I put a new elk antler on and inlayed the elk mollar into the handle.  It was a difficult process to figure out and get to look nice, but it was well worth the time and effort.  I also made a new sheath to go with the new handle.