Policies & FAQ

LEGAL: You must be 18 years old to purchase. The maker/owner or its affiliates of LobosStyle Blades are not responsible should you hurt, cut, maim or kill any animals, yourself or others with our knives. Seek professional guidance before using our knives. By accepting and using any of our knives, you are accepting all responsibilities and will not hold the maker/owner or its affiliates of LobosStyle Blades responsible for any illegal activities or lawsuits. You are responsible for knowing your own state’s laws.

Custom Orders: Custom orders are taken at the discretion of the owner/maker. I will not do modifications, re-profiles, “Pimping”, sheath makings, etc. for other custom maker’s knives. Jimping, finger choils, lanyard holes, thumb ramps cannot be added. Special designs and requests are available at the skill and abilities of the maker at the time of order. Changes to any design or custom order after the initial contract may constitute additional fees.

Knife Care: Blades made of high carbon require additional care as rust is a potential hazard. You will need to oil the steel in a manner to keep moisture out. Some people use: WD-40 (or similar), gun oil, machine, olive or mineral oils, or a renaissance wax or frog lube for food prep. Do not keep your knife stored in its sheath for long extended periods without periodically removing it to check for corrosion. Clean it and oil it regularly, even when not in use. If you do not oil the knife and it rusts or corrodes, you are responsible, not the maker. Blades made of a stainless steel do not generally this care but it is recommended for good measure. It is recommended to not run knives through a dishwasher as damage may occur.

Blade Edge: Every knife that is shipped will have its original bevel (i.e. flat, hollow, saver, convex or Scandi grind) and a secondary bevel. My knives will be shipped sharp; however you may re-sharpen it to your liking. It is best to keep your edge honed and sharp after every use and not to let your blade edge get too dull.

Sheath Care: Most of the sheaths I make are made of leather or Kydex ©. Do not use chemical cleaners not specifically designed for the materials the sheath is made out of. Negative and/or unwanted effects may occur. Use of a good air can or air hoses to blow out the inside can remove any dirt, sand or grit on the inside of the sheath knife that may scratch the blade.

Blemishes: Because these are “Hand Made” knives, there may be minor imperfections. Blemishes, nicks, wavy lines, tool markings, even grind lines, handle marks, sheath marks, etc. These imperfections are only surface blemishes and will not affect the knife’s performance.

Wait Time: Wait time will vary, but may range from 8 weeks - 8 months until delivery. This time is dependent on current orders.

Payment: Full (100%) payment for items is required prior to shipping of any product. 

At this time, LobosStyle Blades does accept PayPal, credit/debit card or electronic transfer. I do accept US Postal money orders, cash, and cashier’s checks. Email me for an address. Down payments are required on customer orders and will generally equate to 80% of the full item cost. These costs will vary per item and down payments are nonnegotiable. 

For special orders, half of the down payment is non-refundable as new materials, shipping and materials processing are generally required outside of standard business functions. It is up to LobosStyle Blades' discretion if a full refund will be applied. 

Shipping:  USA $15.00 USPS priority mail- US or Canada First Class mail (under 7lbs). If you want me to ship outside the USA please email me first. 

Testing: Because I am a small shop, I do not have the resources or finances to replaces abused knives. Testing protocols will emerge as time permits Every knife I make is specific to the task. Special grinds, blade steel, usage, environments, finishing, and designs are scrutinized and tested before we make the production knives. Therefore I ask that only in an emergency do you use a knife or product outside its purpose a reasonable person.

Return/Exchange: You may only return the knife for a full refund within five (5) days of receiving your knife in the mail if it was damaged upon receipt and/or if unused. Exchanges can only be made within the first five days of receipt and only for the same model. Specialty customizations may require additional fees. Items must be in the same condition it was shipped in (unused). You may not return a knife that was used, scratched or modified in any way. All packaging materials need to be returned with the knives. Buyer will pay for return shipping.

Receiving your shipment: Although items are packaged properly, in-transit damage may occur. Please inspect your order carefully when it arrives. Should you find that your merchandise is damaged, you may choose to refuse the delivery if packaged item was damaged in shipping. Please report any damage to me at the time of delivery and as soon as reasonably possible.

Refusal of Delivery: If the product is refused upon delivery at the predesignated shipping address, you will be charged for all shipping costs, including the cost to return the item. Refunds will be at the discretion of LobosStyle Blades. 

Warranty: A limited lifetime warranty is guaranteed for the lifetime of the knife rather than the lifetime of the owner. If a product has been discontinued and is no longer available, the warranty will last 5 years after the product line is discontinued. The warranty will not be honored in the case of knife abuse (see below).

Abused Knife Clause: Please do not use our knives for any other purpose than what it is intended for. Our knives are not to be used as a pry bar, ax, screwdriver, pick, shovel, throwing knife or hammer. Extreme temperature fluctuations may have an effect on the steel. It is best to keep your knife at the temperature you intend to use it in. Batoning, hammering, prying, throwing, stepping on, hanging from or copping bricks, stones or metals is not normal or intended use and should be avoided unless in an emergency situation. Do so at your own risk. Your knife or money will not be replaced or refunded in the event of abuse or damage from extreme testing. A knife is a knife, meaning that it is to be use in the reasonable manner of the work it is intended to.

Liability: In no event will the creator/owner be liable to you for damages, including any general, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use any of our knives.

Knife Making Method: Pieces are made using stock removal methods: grinders, sanders, files, etc. Some pieces are made of pre-made blade blanks purchased from reputable dealers. In this case, there will be a disclaimer to that individual product.

Knife Sizes: I use mostly 1/8", 3/16”, and ¼” thick steel. Most knives are 6” to 16” in overall length. Special orders are available at the discretion of the artist.

Alloys: I use mostly high carbon tool steels. Production models will only be made in 1095 carbon steel at this time.

Heat-Treat: Knives are sent out to get heat treated in batches to save on costs. This adds to the wait time. If you prefer to heat treat yourself, please let me know at the time of order. I send all my knives out to Peters Heat Treating.

Rockwell Hardness: Usually for my high carbon or tool steels I prefer a 58-60HRC. This provides a strong blade that is still relatively easy to sharpen that can maintain an edge.

Handle Materials: G-10/Micarta, Para-cord, wraps, hard woods, synthetic polymers, and many more.

Sheaths: At this time I can only make leather and Kydex sheaths. I can get assorted colors and patterns. Please specify during the ordering process. If you require anything specific, email me we can discuss further options.

Sheath Accessories:  (under development)

Blade Finish: Production models will come in a satin or mirror finish. Other options are in the works but yet to be available at this time.

Maker’s Mark: My maker’s mark will be etched into the steel of all pieces I make from raw steel or files. Any additional etching or designs may result in additional costs.

Manufactured blade blanks can be used and customized but will not hold the emblem. Perhaps in time a "LobosStyle" name but that would be all.

Restoration: (Under development)