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Actual Testimonials

Admirer of works: 4/2015
"Steve is not only an artisan but...he is a great person and totally centered. If it's a nice blade you want...he will go the extra mile to produce it for you."
~ J.H.

File Knife - "Kindness": 3/2015
"This knife is solid! Perfect balance and weight. It holds comfortable. This sheath is made to last. I cannot wait to use it in my adventures!"
~ A.W.

Carving Set: 11/2014
"Got a custom carving set from Lobos just in time for the holidays. The carving set was elegant but sexy! Showed it off during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Carved like a dream. Both knife and fork fitted nicely in my hand, well balanced for disassembling a large bird and prime rib (bone-in). Never had to stop to sharpen knife, which I always enjoyed doing halfway through carving to show off." Thanks Lobos! T.T.


posted Oct 14, 2009, 11:51 PM by Steve Sarmiento   [ updated May 24, 2014, 11:24 AM ]

Steve is the greatest ever! He makes some of the most beautiful and functional knives I've purchased to date. He promised a custom knife that I would be proud to carry, but I'm afraid to carry it and would rather put it up on display for all the world to see.

He's quite handsome too!

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